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           18年              60000+             100+               98%                    8年            
                        始于2005年                              众多企业服务案例                       拥有完整的员工体系                    企业客户续签率超过98%                 为公务行业提供长期服务保障
                       丰富的行业经验                         提供优质的差旅服务                 专业管理差旅中心呼叫团队              提供一站式差旅管理服务                  政府因公采购定点单位

Why choose us

One-stop purchasing
    Provide one-stop service from business travel application, booking to financial settlement。Comprehensive coverage of global air tickets, hotels, train tickets, cars, visas, team tickets, business tickets and other resources。

Multi-dimensional cost control
    Implement travel standards, customize the approval process, and customize the cost standards in a comprehensive and multi-dimensional way before, during and after the trip 。

Intelligent data analysis
    Professional big data analysisReal-time grasp of corporate travel spending travel reportsProvide visual travel management analysis report, intuitive, transparent, timely understanding of travel expenses consumption。
Employee travel
Meet the fragmented travel needs of employees, and see quality in detailIn order to meet the diversified and fragmented travel needs of employees, including travel product management, reimbursement management, data analysis, etc., to help enterprises reduce travel costs and improve management efficiency。
Leader travel

Considerate itinerary service and exceptional quality privilegesRich travel resources, and provide excellent service,尊享多项Travel Privileges Upgrade your trip and save money,为领 Guide to provide a number of exclusive treatment, to create a comfortable and secure travel experience
Corporate travel

Yuecheng Travel - Focus on providing travel services and travel management solutions for enterprises, from travel to control, travel, professional presentation, and set up a perfect service system to provide enterprises with high-quality professional services, to meet the needs of enterprises in a full range, so that travel management is simpler

1.Machine + wine + high-speed rail + car 2.Monthly interest-free deposit
3.Airline agreement trusteeship 4.Manual, PC, APP multi-channel             
5.Streamline the reimbursement process                               6.Travel management report
Pleasant Journey Air Travel for you
Diversified travel scenarios, convenient travel anytime and anywhere
All-in-one travel solutions
Travel data, visible cost, transparent and efficient;Unified financial reconciliation, say goodbye to inefficient approval;Expense data analysis reports to help travel management decisions
administrator /
Focus on corporate travel services for 20 years, integrate domestic and foreign airlines, hotel groups, cars and other high-quality supply resources, through multi-dimensional travel control and enterprise exclusive price advantages, help enterprises to save up to 30% of travel expenses。

Conduct compliance control through the travel management system, APP, email, SMS and other multi-channel whole process, operation approval and authorization, and handle travel matters anytime and anywhere。Travel Reports support more than 130 data analytics combinations to help managers understand and adjust corporate travel policies。

Provide up to 50 days of high travel cushion services, break through the financial pressure and settlement cycle of enterprises, alleviate the financial problems of enterprises。
About us
Yuecheng Airlines, founded in 2005, is a first-class agent engaged in international and domestic air passenger ticket services in China, and is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in China。It has Beijing Yuecheng International Travel Service Co., LTD., Yuecheng Cultural Exchange Co., LTD., Harbin branch, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia overseas offices。We are specialized in air tickets, hotels, train tickets, business visits and other services required for travel, and provide comprehensive professional travel management services to corporate customers with the help of professional and efficient travel systems。
For more than ten years, we have successfully provided high-quality travel management services for nearly ten thousand enterprises,Annual turnover of hundreds of millions of yuan products covering about 200 countries and regions,5000 + destinations,Nearly 100 domestic and international routes,Private ownership of multiple airlines;It can also provide more than 300,000 hotels, apartments and inns at home and abroad。

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